Pair of Stems

Red Passion


Home Faculty Garry Mealor

Born: 1957, Albertville, Alabama



My paintings are composites of various references in which perspective, point of view, light/shadow and composition are manipulated to create an image that is both believable and impossible. Art critics and others have described my work this way:

“The accidental or arbitrary mingles with the intentional, going beyond realism to give the work a life of its own. And that is the greatest enigma.” -- Mary Ann Marger, St. Petersburg Times art critic.

“A story without a story. At the same time, it’s a tour de force in watercolor compellingly painted and beautifully constructed.” -- Richard West, Director of Seattle’s Frye Art Museum.

“Spilled water demonstrates Mealor’s consummate mastery of the brush; the juxtaposition of the blue vessel, its red stem and yellow tulip seem almost electric in their energy and brightness.” -- Mike Dunham, art critic, Anchorage Daily News.

“By using the simplified color and shapes of his tomatoes to convey this emotion, he has met the standards of both abstract art and the most intricate representational art. Not many artists can do that.” -- Joanne Milani, art critic, Tampa Tribune.





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